Intuitive website takes business to the next level

A business can sustain the market only when it follows the necessary marketing strategies and fundamentals. A key factor that is responsible for the company to attract many numbers of customers and client conversion is through the presence of the business in the online platform.

The business should launch an official website to represent its presence in the digital medium and develop a website comprises of building a simple static web page or builds a complex web-based application, social network service and electronic business.

Web development

The building of web sites for the intranet or the internet includes comprehensive activities like web content development, web engineering, web server, network security, e-commerce development, social network services, web design, server side and client side scripting and client liaison. Of all the web professionals, the web development is considered as the non-design aspect of building the website like writing the code and markup. Of late, web development is related to the creation of the CMS (Content management system) that acts as the middleware between the user and the database.

The Drupal Developers are responsible for using different programming languages to build the web applications and websites and use software like version control, text editors and command line interface that comprise of the technical information that represents the mobile app development in chennai


Web design

Web design is a process of designing the web pages including the graphic designs, content production and the web page layout. The word web development and we design is often interchanged, however, web design are a subset of web development and the web designers use the HTML tags to build the web page. The appearance and the layout of the web page are designed using the CSS (cascading style sheet).

Drupal web design provides customized web design services that consist of professional website design that represents the client’s requirement. The clients are offered with different web design packages from which they can choose the relevant type of package. They can either choose the hands-on approach in designing the website by choosing personalized templates or they can opt for the one- on- one approach, where they work with a professional in designing and building the website.

There is a clear difference between web development and web design and the clients those who approach the company is well explained about the difference between them and help them in choosing the right professional required for doing a particular task.